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Instant Green Kava - Pick up only

Please note, this Vanuatu kava is only available to purchase via our website as pickup. If you would like your order shipped, please purchase online from our supplier The Kava Society.


The description below is from the Kava Society website who supply us with our premium Vanuatu kava.

The Instant Green Kava

Previously known as “Quick Shell”, the Instant Green Kava is a smooth and harmonious instant kava made from selected noble cultivars of balanced and heady character. 

Our instant kavas are made purely by dehydrating fresh kava juice (obtained through a cold water extraction of freshly harvested, peeled kava roots) until all that remains are the pure instant granules that you can mix directly with water or your favourite soft drink. It is the smoothest and the easiest to drink form of powdered kava. It's also the closest thing to drinking fresh kava on the islands.

Average chemotype: 423165

Size: 100g (3.5oz)

Recommended serving size: 8g

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