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Four Shells Roller Strainer Bags

We’ve designed some new kava strainers that we call the 'Four Shells Roller Bags'.

With this new design you can close the strainer tightly without the use of zippers of velcro.

This allows you to squeeze with two hands and then clean out the old kava with no hassles. 

Please view the video or follow the instructions below on how to use the new strainers.

As illustrated in these photos, all you do is:

1. Put in the kava

2. Roll down the top 5-6times

3. Fold the top edge

4. Wrap around the string a couple of times

5. Tie a good tight shoelace knot and then squeeze away.

When you finish simply untie the knot and dump out the used kava.

These Four Shells Roller Strainers are:

  • *They are made to last
  • *Made of strong nylon
  • *They have reinforced seams