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Melo Melo Single Cultivar Traditional Grind Kava - Pick up only

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A single cultivar kava with a complex, balanced character.

As the name suggests, Melo Melo is known for promoting a state of pleasant mellowness. This is one of the most popular nakamal (kava bar) kavas in Vanuatu’s capital, Port Vila.

Melo Melo’s chemotype is generally dominated by a big dose of dihydrokavain, i.e. a kavalactone that is associated with a delightful, heady mental refreshment, but one that takes a bit longer to build up and is thought to act in a warmer, deeper, mellower and longer-lasting manner than the more purely euphoric and relatively-short acting kavain. At the same time, Melo Melo also has a fair amount of kavain, which fuels the pleasant cerebral aspects of this kava. The other kavalactones provide a nice cushioning effect for the body and just enough sedative elements to provide a solid base for a good night's sleep.

In short, it’s the ultimate 'chillout' kava. Great for lazy late afternoons, slow-paced hangouts with friends, meaningful conversations, enjoyable sessions with good music and soft body relaxation.

Melo Melo has a fresh, slightly bitter-sweetish taste with woody, grassy and black pepper notes.

In order to present this single cultivar in its full glory, we are offering it at the natural ratio of around 70-80% stump to 20-30% lateral roots. This is how nature made it and we think she did a pretty good job.

Average chemotype: 243156